Concrete Bridge Construction System

InQuik designs and manufactures a modular component system for accelerating concrete bridge construction. The easily-transportable system enables you to deliver premium quality concrete bridge projects faster and more cost effectively, while remaining fully standards-compliant.

Light & Quick

InQuik panels are much lighter than comparable precast parts, and can be easily placed in position using a HIAB or light-weight crane. The InQuik system is also fully self-supporting. It typically takes only a few days to install the bridge following site preparation.

Easy to Transport

The lightweight InQuik panels are designed to be efficiently stacked and transported in the form of a shipping container, to reduce transportation resources. All the panels for a 39 ft single-lane bridge can be transported on one semi-trailer.

Low Maintenance

With a single homogenous slab, guaranteed concrete cover and (depending on configuration) no deck joints, no longitudinal joins and no tie-downs or bearings, inspection and maintenance requirements are minimal.

Certified & Durable

Bridge parts are standardised, pre-engineered and pre-certified. Designs satisfy the AS5100 (2017) Australian bridge code requirements for T44 / SM1600 / HLP 320 & 400 load ratings, with an expected lifespan on the order of 100 years.

Environment & Worker Friendly

Bridge construction occurs from above, with minimal need to work under the bridge, improving worker safety and reducing environmental impact. There is no requirement to enter the waterway to erect scaffolds or formwork.

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About UsA Country Bridge Story

InQuik® was founded by Southern Tablelands builder, farmer and inventor Bruce Mullaney, who patented the method for constructing concrete slabs that makes the InQuik® Bridging System possible.

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