Byron Causeway Replacements (3 x Bridges) (Byron Shire County, NSW)


Project Description

Council have been improving the flows of waterways in the region by utilising the InQuik CR 370 bridge to replace culverts for three locations in Main Arm.

In comparison to culvert-style causeways:

  • The InQuik design is fish friendly, minimising obstruction to migrating species in areas of Key Fish Habitat
  • The design allows for free-flow of the river between the abutments during construction, minimising the cost of dewatering and associated impacts
  • The design is safer to construct as it vastly reduces the quantity of formwork and steel fixing in an active creek bed thanks to prefabrication and not requiring a base slab

The short-span bridge product has been specifically designed with a 1.2ft deep deck profile for ease of water afflux, and is available in a 21ft span with bridge widths ranging from 8ft up to 47ft.

Key Project Points

  • Local suppliers, Council and contractors delivered the project keeping funds and work in the local community
  • InQuik CR370 bridge has a reduced deck profile thickness of 1.2ft (47% less than the standard 700mm InQuik deck), in order to allow better water flow, particularly for flood events
  • Pre-engineered Modular design allowed for 16 and 31.5ft widths and is rated to SM1600 loads
Byron Causeway
Byron Shire Council
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